Prescription Painkiller Detox Center in North Carolina

Wilmington Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with prescription painkiller addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in North Carolina, Wilmington  will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our residential rehab center.

Prescription Painkiller Detox

The Importance of Prescription Painkiller Detox

For those who require them to obtain relief from pain, prescription painkillers can be a life-saving option for treatment when everyday functioning is interrupted by pain that is caused by medical conditions, injury, or after surgery. These medications, which are classified as opioids, can only be prescribed by a physician and should come along with a warning that they can be habit-forming if the provided guidelines are not followed. When an individual does not adhere to the recommendations of his or her physician when it comes to consuming a prescription painkiller, a series of consequences can emerge.

Additionally, there are individuals who consume prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes. Most commonly done to obtain a high that includes feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and detachment from one’s surroundings, abusing prescription painkillers can elicit a number of adversities that are experienced by those who consume the drugs outside of the recommended guidelines. When the use of prescription painkillers starts to become a continued problem and there is no medical purpose for it, an addiction can develop, and treatment might be required in order to effectively stop this kind of substance abuse.

When treatment for painkiller abuse is sought, one should consider participating in a program that includes detoxification (or detox) services. This kind of care allows an individual to rid his or her body of harmful substances like painkillers so that the withdrawal pain he or she may experience is decreased and other parts of recovery can be focused on.

What Happens During Withdrawal

What Happens During Prescription Painkiller Withdrawal

When an individual first starts abusing a prescription painkiller, he or she does not do so with the intention of becoming addicted to it. Therefore, when he or she attempts to cease the use of these substances after consuming them for a long period of time, the symptoms of withdrawal that can develop can be upsetting.

Since prescription painkillers can cause an individual to become tolerant to them, which then causes him or her to need more of the substance to achieve the desired effects, withdrawal is likely to occur in the event that the abuse ends. A process that includes symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, bone pain and strong cravings for more of the substance can cause a very painful withdrawal that can make achieving sobriety almost impossible to do on one’s own.

However, by obtaining the appropriate care, such as that offered at our prescription painkiller detox center, that includes prescription painkiller detox, an individual can receive relief from withdrawal and begin to develop the skills needed to live in recovery.

Why Choose Us For Prescription Painkiller Detox

Why Choose Wilmington Treatment Center for Prescription Painkiller Detox

Each person who comes for treatment at Wilmington Treatment Center is assessed to determine if detox is needed to begin the recovery process. When indicated, prescription painkiller detox will be included as the first step in the individual’s care, and each individual will be made as comfortable as possible during his or her withdrawal. A trained team of medical professionals works to ensure that each individual’s health and well-being are preserved.

Once completed, someone who was once trapped within a deadly cycle of prescription painkiller abuse will be able to experience relief from symptoms of withdrawal, achieve a clearer mindset, and be well enough to partake in other areas of programming at our North Carolina detox center.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox

Long-Term Benefits of Prescription Painkiller Detoxification

If an individual does not obtain treatment for a prescription painkiller addiction, he or she is likely to continue to abuse these substances. Additionally, if an individual obtains treatment but not detox, he or she risks relapsing. For these reasons and more, it is imperative that an individual addicted to prescription painkillers receives detox in addition to other types of therapeutic treatment to break free from the potentially deadly cycle of chemical dependency.

Not only will one’s symptoms of withdrawal be relieved, but he or she will able to able to put all of his or her attention on getting sober. Since a prescription painkiller addiction can cause an individual to place his or her responsibilities on the back burner and put drug use first, detox can help him or her establish the clearness of mind required to change his or her priorities towards recovery and the skills required to keep from the abuse of prescription painkillers in the future.

At our detox center in North Carolina, we understand what it takes to overcome a prescription painkiller addiction, and we are pleased to offer support, treatment, and guidance to individuals who want to reclaim their lives. If you or someone you care for want to combat a chemical dependency of this kind, we encourage you to reach out to us right now to learn more about the services we provide.

Wilmington is an amazing place to receive treatment and go through recovery from this deadly disease of addiction. Honestly, I would probably still be addicted to pills if I'd done anything differently.

– Megan C.
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