Drug & Alcohol Family Treatment Program in Wilmington, NC

Impact on Recovery

Learn How Our Family Program Impacts Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While a patient is participating in Wilmington Treatment Center’s renowned programming, he or she is working to transform him or herself into an individual who is recovered, confident, and prepared to live life to its fullest potential. Recovering from an addiction is oftentimes a deeply personal experience, as the emotional pain from the past and fears pertaining to the future are confronted head-on. However, at Wilmington, we encourage our patients to work through their strife in the present and to begin to lay the foundation for healthy and long-term recovery.

An important part of the healing and recovery process involves repairing and rejuvenating the relationships in one’s inner circle so that a person working towards sobriety has the support of those he or she holds dear. For this reason, Wilmington Treatment Center is proud to offer a Family Program that is designed for both patients and their loved ones.

Details of What's Offered

Learn About the Details of Our Family Program & What We Offer

Offered every Saturday and Sunday, this two-day seminar is intended to help friends, family members, other loved ones, and our patients understand the principles of recovery. When partaking in this invaluable program, these individuals can benefit from the following:

  • Psychoeducation opportunities to learn about the disease of addiction
  • Staff-led groups that aim to dispel common misconceptions about substance abuse and chemical dependency
  • Group opportunities to openly discuss the impact of addiction on their lives

Additionally, those closest to our patients are able to learn about resources available to them that can assist them in doing the following:

  • Receive support that will help them process their experiences with addiction
  • Help their loved one remain successful in achieving and maintaining sobriety once he or she has completed our programming

Furthermore, and to accommodate those who are unable to participate in our weekend seminars, we also offer a more intensive form of this program on the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each month. This intensive version supplies the same level of support and beneficial information that can help individuals in our patients’ primary support networks receive the care and information they need during this time in their lives.

At Wilmington, we firmly believe in the power of healing and value the importance of patients being able to mend their relationships. By offering up the time, information, and resources to those who have been affected by addiction, we feel our patients and their loved ones can learn to band together as a truly united front against addiction.

To learn more about our Family Program, do not hesitate to contact us. At Wilmington Treatment Center, we are here for all who have had their lives impacted by addiction.

Wilmington Treatment Center saved my life, plain and simple. I arrived broken, lost and with no hope but Wilmington introduced me to a better way of living and I owe a huge part of my life to them.

– Mallory R.
Marks of Quality Care
We are affiliated with the following organizations, which provide accreditation, education, and training to ensure quality behavioral health and addiction treatment.
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
  • Newsweek 2023
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval
  • Tricare