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Wilmington Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with Oxycontin addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in North Carolina, Wilmington will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our residential rehab center.

Oxycontin Detox

The Importance of Oxycontin Detox

OxyContin is a prescription medication that is frequently used to alleviate moderate to severe pain. While this medication can be beneficial in relieving distress for many individuals, as an opioid narcotic, it consists of chemical properties that cause it to have a high risk of abuse. In addition to eliminating one’s ability to feel pain, OxyContin can also produce pleasurable side effects, such as profound relaxation and mild euphoria. As such, the use of this medication can be appealing even to those individuals who do not possess a medical need for it.

When an individual continues to use OxyContin, he or she runs the risk of becoming tolerant to its effects. As a result, the person must ingest more OxyContin or ingest it more frequently in order to continue experiencing the effects they are seeking. As OxyContin consumption increases, these individuals may then find that their bodies have become reliant on the medication in order to continue functioning, which is known as chemical dependence. Once a dependence on OxyContin has formed, an individual is susceptible to experiencing a distressing period of withdrawal if he or she attempts to put an end to his or her use of the substance.

What Happens During Withdrawal

What Happens During Oxycontin Withdrawal

Depending on the amount of OxyContin that a person is consuming, the length of time that he or she has been using it, and the state of his or her physical health, the type and severity of OxyContin withdrawal symptoms will vary. Examples of possible symptoms that can arise may include the following:

  • Powerful cravings for OxyContin
  • Dysphoric mood
  • Excessive sweating
  • Pupil dilation
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever

Due to the extreme discomfort that withdrawing from OxyContin can elicit, many individuals become desperate to find a means of alleviating their distress. Too often, this alleviation is found by resuming one’s use of OxyContin, as doing so can almost immediately cause symptoms to dissipate. This, however, only worsens the progression of the addiction, while also resuming the onset of potential dangers to one’s health. Fortunately, at our OxyContin detox center, there is a better option.

Why Choose Us For Oxycontin Detox

Why Choose Wilmington Treatment Center for Oxycontin Detox

By engaging in a detoxification, individuals can successfully manage the period of OxyContin withdrawal without re-entering the harmful pattern of abusing the substance. Detoxification, or detox, refers to the process of having substances of abuse physiologically removed from an individual’s system. When an individual chooses to receive OxyContin detox services, he or she will be able to have the drug safely removed from his or her body without having to experience the extreme discomfort that typically accompanies the withdrawal process.

Recognizing how important detoxification services are in helping an individual jumpstart his or her recovery from an OxyContin addiction, at Wilmington Treatment Center in North Carolina, we employ the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art protocols within our OxyContin detox program. In addition to around-the-clock monitoring by our attentive and compassionate nursing staff, medical professionals are on-hand to assist in ensuring each individual’s safety and in keeping him or her as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of the process. Each person who engages in treatment at our detox center will receive an individualized plan for treatment that outlines the specific interventions that will be of most benefit to him or her as he or she detoxes from OxyContin.

Included within the superior care that we deliver, at our detox center, we offer patients the ability to participate in an auricular acupuncture program, wherein small electric microcurrents are used to help elicit relief as quickly as a person’s body will allow. This program is recognized and endorsed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, as well as by the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders.

As individuals progress through OxyContin detox, their individual mental and physical stability will be consistently monitored and, once they are able, they will be offered the opportunity to participate in support groups, music therapy, art therapy, and yoga, all of which are implemented in order to provide a holistic approach to the healing process.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox

Long-Term Benefits of Oxycontin Detoxification

When one chooses to detox from OxyContin at a reputable detox center, he or she will benefit in countless ways. Examples of such benefits can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Detox occurs in a safe and secure treatment setting, sheltering individuals from having access to OxyContin and therefore preventing them from relapsing.
  • Medical professionals monitor the OxyContin detoxification process, ensuring the safety and comfort of individuals as this harmful substance is removed from their bodies.
  • Mental health professionals are available to provide the emotional and psychological support that is crucial to successful recovery.
  • By eliminating one’s abuse of OxyContin, one is protected from future health detriments that ongoing use could elicit.
  • The risk of overdosing is eliminated.

Furthermore, by taking part in these services, individuals benefit from achieving the clarity of mind that allows them to fully engage in therapeutic elements to OxyContin detox, ultimately allowing them to be successful in achieving and maintaining sobriety.

If you are struggling with the compulsion to abuse OxyContin, please reach out to the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Wilmington Treatment Center in North Carolina today. Our admissions department can answer any questions you have about our detoxification services, or about any other aspect of the programming we offer.

Wilmington is an amazing place to receive treatment and go through recovery from this deadly disease of addiction. Honestly, I would probably still be addicted to pills if I'd done anything differently.

– Megan C.
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