Anxiety Treatment FAQ

Are there social anxiety rehabs?

Yes. For individuals suffering from social anxiety and other forms of anxiety, there are rehabs that can help. These programs offer specialized treatment tracks to address symptoms of anxiety in many forms, and can typically also address the presence of co-occurring mental health or substance abuse concerns.

Does North Carolina have anxiety rehabilitation centers?

The state of North Carolina is home to several rehabilitation centers, many of which are located in the Raleigh area.

Is there treatment for anxiety and depression?

Often, individuals suffering from anxiety also suffer from depression at the same time. The presence of a co-occurring disorder means that in order for treatment to be effective, symptoms of both conditions must be addressed simultaneously.

What is the best inpatient anxiety facility?

The best inpatient facility for you is one that offers programming designed to address your unique goals for recovery. Depending on your symptoms and personal circumstances, certain interventions and treatment modalities may be more effective for you, and it is best to seek out a program that offers the services that will best meet your needs.

What is the difference between residential and inpatient anxiety treatment?

Typically, residential treatment and inpatient anxiety treatment are alike in that they require participants to reside at the hospital or center for the duration of treatment. However, inpatient treatment is usually of a shorter duration than residential treatment, which can extend to 30 days and beyond.

Can anxiety disorders be treated or cured?

While there are no cures for anxiety disorders, there are certainly effective solutions that can help you learn to manage the symptoms of these conditions. With the proper professional help, you can manage your disorder, and take back control over your life.

The panic attacks would come out of nowhere. I started getting them at work, at the gym, the grocery store - you name it. They began to be so frequent and so debilitating that I couldn't leave my house. Through recovery here, I've learned to manage my anxiety and not let it affect my daily life. Thank you WTC!

– a former resident
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