Alcohol Addiction Treatment FAQ

Where can I find alcohol treatment centers in North Carolina?

There are many choices when it comes to alcohol treatment centers in North Carolina. In the Wilmington area and throughout the state, you will find several residential programs to choose from for yourself or a loved one.

Are alcohol rehabs successful?

Yes! While the disease of alcoholism can be difficult to overcome, with the proper help you can live a full, happy life without drinking. Residential rehabs that offer comprehensive supports and time-tested therapies can help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

How can I prevent an alcohol relapse?

Planning for relapse prevention is a key component to maintaining your sobriety. Identify potential pitfalls and challenges, engage with your local recovery community, and continue practicing the coping skills you learned in rehab to help avoid relapsing.

Are there alcohol outpatient treatment programs?

There are several options for community-based supports and outpatient programming for alcoholism. Once you’ve completed residential treatment, you may use these services as a step-down level of care as you continue to work towards your recovery goals. This could include one-on-one or group therapy, as well as participating in a 12-Step support group.

What can you do if you have an alcohol relapse?

First, know that relapse happens to many people in recovery, and it does not signal failure. Should you relapse, process what happened with a sponsor, counselor, or other trusted person. Learn what you can from the incident, and focus your energy on getting back on track.

How do I help a loved one who is an alcoholic?

If a friend or loved one is abusing alcohol, encourage him or her to seek professional help. Maintain a kind and calm presence, and do your best to help your loved one take the necessary first steps toward treatment. Offer to accompany him or her to appointments or assessments, and remind him or her that you will be there to continue offering support after treatment is over.

How long will alcohol treatment last?

Alcohol addiction treatment should be customized to each person’s needs. As such, the duration of treatment will vary based on those needs and other individual factors. Residential care can last 30 days or longer, and outpatient care may be needed for more extended periods of time.

Is Raleigh a good location for alcohol rehab?

Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the premier cities in the South, and is known for its convenient location and countless amenities. There are several treatment programs located in the area, and those residing in the southeast are sure to find a rehab that’s a good fit for them in Raleigh.

I stayed for 28 days of inpatient and didn't even want to leave. I learned a lot and realized I wasn't alone in my alcohol addiction. I had a great experience and took advantage of everything WTC had to offer.

– Steven M.
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