Drug & Alcohol Recreational Therapy Program

Recreational Therapy at Wilmington

Learn More About the Recreational Therapy Program at Wilmington Treatment Center

At Wilmington Treatment Center, recreational therapy is an integral part of treatment. We believe that the relationship and team-building that occurs during recreational therapy can build support networks and allow issues to come to the surface that may have taken years of traditional therapy to uncover.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, the recreational therapy program also introduces our patients to alternative leisure/recreational activities and hobbies. We strive to expose patients to positive, fun, chemical-free social experiences. We will work together through various experiences to make sure that we meet those goals and to provide patients with various leisure opportunities.

What Should I Expect?

What to Expect in Our Recreational Therapy Program in North Carolina

The recreational therapy program begins with a leisure assessment, which allows the team to gather information about each patient’s drug of choice, the amount of daily free time, past leisure activities, leisure that involved substance use, leisure interests, barriers and feelings that affect free time. This assessment will help us determine if any individual sessions are needed and what recreational goals patients will work towards while at Wilmington Treatment Center. This assessment is also used to help determine what outings patients will be able to participate in.

Once the leisure assessment is complete, patients participate in weekly groups. During the groups, patients discuss various topics each week including relaxation training/stress management, healthy communication and anger management techniques, evaluation of people, places and things, self-reflections and more. In these groups, patients talk about real life situations that play a role in addiction. This is a very interactive group that includes many activities and thought provoking questions.

Wilmington’s recreational therapy program also includes daily off-campus recreation outings. The general purpose of these outings is to provide opportunities for each patient to participate in physical, social, cultural, recreational, and health maintenance activities. These programs are included during off-campus recreation outings, multiple days a week, and involve the principles and practices of art, dance, music, and recreational therapy in dozens of different activities.

Participation Criteria

Eligibility for Participation in the Recreational Therapy Program at Wilmington Treatment Center in North Carolina

In order to be eligible for recreation time, a patient must have been in treatment for at least 14 days and he or she must have medical and clinical approval to participate in outings. If the patient is in-house due to a medical issue, he or she will need clearance from medical and his or her counselor. Patients must have also completed all written assignments and not have any behavior violations. Patients must also complete the Leisure Assessment in the patient handbook, have counselor approval, and participate in a recreational therapy group.

At Wilmington Treatment Center, we believe that when leisure time is understood and used well, it can be a powerful ally in the fight against substance use disorders