Does Cigna Cover Drug Rehab in North Carolina?

Does Cigna of North Carolina Cover Drug Rehab?

Cigna is one of the largest providers of health insurance policies in the nation, and it is accepted by many treatment providers, including those that offer drug rehab services. In the state of North Carolina, Cigna insurance operates under the name Cigna of North Carolina and is one of the many forms of insurance that is accepted at Wilmington Treatment Center.

However, because insurance policies can vary not just from state to state, but also from plan to plan, it is necessary to know the specifics of your own Cigna policy if you need drug rehab services. Some Cigna policies can cover the full cost of such services, while others may only supplement a percentage of the price of treatment. Additionally, some plans only cover the cost of certain types of treatment, certain lengths of stay in a program, and the number of times a person can access a level of care within a given time frame. For these reasons, it is a good idea to become more familiar with your Cigna policy and the many ways that your plan can allow you to get the care you need at this time in your life.

If, however, you are unsure about how to get more information about your insurance, or if you find the details of your plan to be confusing, the staff at Wilmington Treatment Center can help. In contacting our center to enquire about our drug rehab services, our staff can contact Cigna, verify your benefits, and explain the process of paying for care with your health insurance.

Our staff is highly trained in working with insurance companies, and can explain how your Cigna policy can cover the cost of care while at our center. We willingly take on this task for you so as to limit the barriers and worries that may come with seeking treatment for an addiction.

What Types of Drug Rehab Does Cigna of North Carolina Cover?

Since there are many treatment options available to those looking to defeat an addiction to substances, it can be time-consuming and even confusing to contact an insurance company like Cigna to learn about the levels of care that are covered under your specific plan.

Some people benefit more from community support groups, professional outpatient services, partial hospitalization programming, or intensive outpatient treatment, while other men and women require the ongoing structure and support of a longer-term rehab program. To know for sure what kind of treatment is most appropriate for your needs, it is best to seek an assessment for services before spending a great deal of time researching the full detail of your Cigna policy.

If you feel that Wilmington Treatment Center is the perfect place for you to begin your recovery journey, we invite you to contact our center to complete an initial assessment for admission. Upon completion of this assessment, we will be able to recommend the care that can best meet your treatment needs and then confirm your Cigna benefits for you. In doing so, we can inform you if the type of care you need is covered by your insurance and if your policy will pay for your entire treatment or just a portion of it.

We do this prior to allowing you to start services at our center so that you are fully informed on the financial aspect of partaking in Wilmington’s services.

How Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab is Covered by Cigna of North Carolina?

When individuals receive health insurance from Cigna of North Carolina, they receive details on the types of services covered and the dollar amounts that will cover those services. However, several variants come into play when a person seeks out healthcare services, including drug rehab. Certain types of addictions must be treated in a more structured setting, which would then necessitate longer-term treatment especially if the addiction is severe.

Many insurance companies, including Cigna, often allocate more coverage to more intensive levels of care. In order to know for sure how much coverage is allowable and available for something like a drug rehab program, one must contact his or her insurance provider to acquire this information.

We, at Wilmington Treatment Center, are very familiar with most major insurance policies available, including those offered through Cigna, and we can help you learn how much of your treatment can be covered by your insurance. If there is a portion of your care that is not covered by Cigna, we can provide you with the amount that you will then owe.

What Can I Do if Cigna of North Carolina Doesn’t Cover All of My Drug Rehab Needs?

When individuals come to Wilmington Treatment Center in need of services, we sometimes have to inform them that their insurance policies do not cover the full cost of their treatment. When this is the case, we do not turn them away due to an inability to pay. Instead, we work with people who wish to partake in our programming in developing a financial plan for paying for services that insurance does not pay for. We do this so that as many people as possible are able to benefit from the drug rehab services we have to offer and so that men and women are not deterred from receiving the care they need because of financial barriers.

Furthermore, if an individual possesses supplemental insurance as a result of being a dependent on a family member’s insurance policy at the same time as having his or her own health insurance, we can verify those benefits as well. In using the supplemental insurance that one has access to, a greater percentage or the full cost of services may be covered.

At Wilmington, we will do all that we can to help you maximize your insurance benefits and we work with you to figure out a feasible way to help you pay for any amount that you may be responsible for.

How Can I Confirm my Cigna of North Carolina Benefits?

If you are curious as what your insurance policy with Cigna covers, you are more than welcome to contact the company’s customer service representatives to learn the details in your policy. If, however, you are wanting to begin drug rehab services at Wilmington Treatment Center, you can contact our center so that we can confirm and verify your benefits after determining that you are in need of the care we have available. As stated, our staff has experience in collaborating with insurance companies to help those we treat pay for services, and we are more than willing to assist you in this process as well.

To learn more about how your Cigna policy can help pay for your treatment at Wilmington and to complete the first phase of admissions process, call our center today. We look forward to working with you and helping you take the first steps towards a sober life.

Going to Wilmington was the greatest decision I ever made. The encouragement I received will never be forgotten and I'm proud to say that I am sober today!

– Nathan Z.
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