Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program in North Carolina

Founded more than 30 years ago by a group of men and women whose lives were impacted by addiction, Wilmington Treatment Center has become a leading provider of quality addiction treatment. With all-inclusive care available to adults age 18 and above, our rehab center is prepared to treat patients from the detox phase of recovery until they are ready to return home, armed with the skills and confidence needed to maintain sobriety for a lifetime.

When a patient chooses our rehab as the place to begin life anew, free from the grips of addiction, his or her needs will be assessed, and we will determine the most appropriate level of care and treatment methods to achieve the most positive treatment outcomes.

The following programs are featured at our center, and have helped thousands of individuals win the war against substance abuse and chemical dependency:

Inpatient detoxification: When a person’s body has become physically dependent upon one or more substances, the first step toward recovery may involve detoxification services at the start of treatment. Wilmington is licensed as a hospital, employs expertly trained medical personnel who can administer treatment at this level of care, and utilizes state-of-the-art detox protocols. Our staff closely monitors the progress of patients to ensure they are as comfortable as possible while going through withdrawal.  Men and women who are participating in the detox program may also take part in the therapeutic process.

Inpatient rehabilitation: For those who require intensive and supportive care, Wilmington Treatment Center is pleased to offer an inpatient rehabilitation program that treats adults who are battling addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. The inpatient level of care enables men and women to step away from their everyday lives to focus strictly on their recovery and features numerous treatment methods that have proved to be effective in helping patients reach their treatment goals. Within this program, individual, group and family therapy sessions are part of patients’ daily schedules, and we are proud to offer recreational therapy and specialized treatment programs in order to meet the varying needs of those we treat.

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) with boarding: Wilmington’s PHP permits patients to live on-site while receiving the invaluable care that will allow them to continue working towards sobriety. The PHP level of care is less restrictive than our inpatient rehabilitation level of care, but it includes many of the same treatment methods offered in that program. Men and women benefit from the ongoing support from staff and have ample opportunities to practice the skills they have learned while at our center.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP): Offered at two convenient locations, Wilmington’s IOP is for those individuals who are nearly ready to fully reintegrate themselves back into their respective communities. IOP treatment is available in the mornings and evenings and helps patients hone the necessary skills that will allow them to continue their progress outside of our center. Group therapy opportunities are available in this level of care, and sessions cover a host of topics relevant to where patients are at in this stage of the recovery process.

The level of care recommended for a patient is dependent upon his or her unique needs and treatment goals. During the process of admissions, the most appropriate program will be chosen, and a treatment plan detailing the care received in that program will be devised. When it is deemed clinically necessary, patients are advised to work through each of our programs so that they are able to benefit from the expertise of our staff and the effective methods we use at our center.

To learn more about Wilmington’s programming, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Our dedicated staff is happy to speak with your or your loved one about our treatment options and can begin the process of admissions with just one phone call.

At Wilmington Treatment Center, your bright, sober tomorrow is just a phone call away.