A Message from our Director

PSOn behalf of the entire staff of Wilmington Treatment Center, welcome to our website, and thank you for your interest in our program. It is my sincere hope that, if you select our program for yourself or your loved one, your decision will mark the beginning of a fulfilling life free from the pain of active addiction.

Regardless of the degree to which a person’s life has been devastated by the disease of addiction, I understand the decision to enter treatment is rarely an easy one and I commend you for taking this difficult and meaningful step. I can assure you the entire staff of Wilmington Treatment Center appreciates the effort you are making and will work diligently to ensure you receive nothing but the very best care we are capable of providing.

At Wilmington Treatment Center, we understand addiction is a disease that affects an individual’s brain as well as his or her behavior. The disease is progressive in nature, and ultimately fatal if not treated. We realize that years of active addiction bring about emotional anguish, negative consequences and problems. However, with ongoing abstinence and the application of the principles of recovery you will soon learn, you can begin to put your life back in order. With each additional day of drug-free living, you will find you are more and more capable of dealing with life. You will discover that you are beginning to experience the joy of recovery.

While the recovery process is not without its challenges, know that at Wilmington Treatment Center, you will have support and guidance every step of the way. Our staff members are talented and experienced professionals whose skills are surpassed only by their dedication and compassion.

When you choose to heal with us, you join a vibrant and supportive community that exists for the sole purpose of preparing you for the successful pursuit of lifelong sobriety. You will never be “just another patient” – from the moment you walk through our front door until long after you have completed the treatment phase of your recovery, you will be a valued member of the Wilmington family.

Again, thank you for your interest in our program, and for sharing a few moments with me on this page. For specific details about how our program is uniquely prepared to meet your personal needs or those of your loved one, please call 800.992.3671 or visit our Contact page at your convenience.

On behalf of the entire Wilmington family, I wish nothing but the best for you and your loved ones.


Pam Stalls, LCAS, CCS, LMFT

Executive Director

Wilmington Treatment Center

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